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I would like to do an ARM-based school/university project


For more information on suitable development tools, online training and education resources please see our University Program web pages:

Students often ask us for advice on what kind of ARM-based projects they could do. Note that selecting a suitable project is up to you and your supervisor and we cannot be responsible for the outcome. It makes sense to be realistic and choose something simple that you can finish on time. Your choice will also be limited by the target and tools you have. That said, here are a few ideas to think about:

Alarm clock
Interface to 7-segment LEDs and real-time clock chip.

Balancing robot
A small robot that drives around on two wheels, like a Segway scooter.

Barcode reader
Interface to a sensor, translate the codes and output to an LCD display or serial port.

Use a keypad and LCD display. You might be able to use a solar panel for power.

Car control
Make a small model car drive itself using collision avoidance sensors, a steering servo and speed control.

Data logger
To record environmental data such as river levels and optionally transmit them by radio.

Digital camera
Interface to a digital camera module

Digital multimeter
Use an analogue-to-digital converter to measure voltage, current and resistance. Output the value on a character LCD display.

DSP Algorithms
Implement audio or video codecs using the ARM DSP-enhanced instructions included in ARM9E cores:

Industrial Control System
Control a greenhouse using a keypad, temperature and sunlight sensors, and relay outputs to control ventilation and watering.

Inertial navigation system
Use a digital compass and accelerometers to integrate your relative position from a starting point.

LCD display driver
Interface a 16x2 character LCD or color graphics LCD to an RS232 serial port.

Motor speed controller
Control a DC electric motor with soft-start, tachometer output and regenerative braking.

MP3 music player
This is difficult to do with an ARM7TMDI, you will probably need to use an ARM9E core.

Music player
Generate simple sounds for a doorbell, ringtones or a child's toy.

Pet feeder
Build a reliable device to automatically feed your pet(s) while on holiday.

Persistence of vision
Use the persistence of vision effect to make LEDs on an oscillating arm display text.

Robot arm
Control a robot arm.

Sports device
Many sports and games require accurate timing, for example: athletics, soccer, go-karting, chess and fencing require different types of clocks, stopwatches and recorders.

Television remote control
Using a keypad and an infra-red LED.

Traffic lights
Use LEDs and sensors to make a model of traffic lights for model cars

USB peripheral
Interface your own low-power USB peripheral to a laptop using a chip from FTDI:

Web server
Running Linux or uCLinux.

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