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RVCT 2.2 or 3.0 compiler reports Internal Fault 0x040b for large Thumb leaf functions

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


The root cause of this problem is the limited branch range of the Thumb B instruction.  The problem occurs typically with a large leaf function being compiled for Thumb with -Otime optimization.  If some of the internal branches in the function are too far and can not be reached by the Thumb B instruction, the compiler will fail with Internal fault 0x040b.

This problem is fixed in the RVCT 3.0 SP1 and later compilers.


Use any of the following workarounds to overcome the problem:

1. Compile the failing module for ARM rather than Thumb, i.e. compile with '--arm' instead of '--thumb'.  '#pragma arm' may also be used to generate ARM code for individual functions.

2. Compile the failing module with -Ospace instead of -Otime.

3. Add a call to a dummy function within the leaf function so that it becomes non-leaf.  Example:

    extern void dummy(void);

    void failing_function(void)

where dummy() is defined externally as, for example,

    void dummy(void) { }

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