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Unrecognized option '--no_depend_system_headers' when building Eclipse projects

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


If you have both RVDS 3.0 and RVDS 3.1 installed on your system, it is important that 3.1 is placed before 3.0 on the PATH if you are using the RVDS 3.1 Eclipse plug-in for your project management. Otherwise, the error message

armcc : Fatal error C3900:  Unrecognized option '--no_depend_system_headers'

may appear whenever trying to build projects.


The armcc command line parameter --no_depend_system_headers was added in RVDS 3.1, so is not available in RVDS 3.0.

The RVDS plug-in simply uses the first armcc found on the PATH, so if older versions are also installed on the system, they must either be uninstalled or placed after the later version on the PATH. This can be achieved for example by using the SuiteSwitcher utility available from  Please note: You will need a ARM Silver account to access the above link.

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