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What does the __ESCAPE__ macro in the ARM compilation tools' header files do?

Applies to: DS-5, RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


The __ESCAPE__ macro is used in the ARM compilation tools' header files limits, math.h and stdint.h.  However, the __ESCAPE__ macro itself is not defined in any of the header files.  This means that attempting to compile modules (or preprocessed modules) which "#include" limits, math.h or stdint.h with a non-ARM compiler might result in failure.


The ARM compiler-specific __ESCAPE__ built-in allows the standard headers to use certain extended language features (such as ull) even in --strict mode.

The details and behaviour of this internal feature may change from release to release of the compiler.  It is not intended to be used directly by end users.


If strict language compliance is not an issue for you, the __ESCAPE__ can be defined-away as:

#define __ESCAPE__(x) x

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