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How can I check for Erratum 602117 LDRD opcodes in my Cortex-M3 code image?

Applies to: Cortex-M3


The attached EXE file scans a disassembly listing for opcodes of the offending form.


This tool scans q text file to locate instances of LDRD that are
susceptible to the Cortex-M3 LDRD erratum (erratum #602117).  First
create a disassembly text file using your toolchain.  For example:
 * RVCT or RVMDK: fromelf -c
 * GNU or IAR EWARM: objdump -d
 * IAR EWARM: ielfdumparm --code --disassemble
Then pass that file to CM3Errata602117.exe.

Usage: CM3Errata602117.exe DisassemblyFile.txt

Please check the errata list to verify whether Erratum 602117 applies to your specific Cortex-M3 instance.


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