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Can I boot my core using the PL022 Synchronous Serial Interface?

Applies to: PL022 Synchronous Serial Interface


I'd like to boot my core using PL022 to interface to the memory. Can this be done?


Since the first two registers in the PL022's memory map are control registers and contain 0x00000000 by default this would provide invalid boot instructions to the ARM core.

You would have to initially boot your system from ROM and write to the PL022 to configure it, setting up control registers, baud rates etc. Since the PL022 operates in a duplex fashion, you would then need to write dummy data to the Data Register at 0x8 to get it to read from your serial device. This could allow code to be downloaded from the serial device, which could then be copied to local RAM. Having done this, this code could then be used to continue the boot process. Not a simple procedure.

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