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Applies to: C51 C Compiler



I downloaded the latest version of your tools and installed it, but now the compiler issues a warning:

Warning 500:  Bad or missing compiler overlay.

What's wrong?


The warning usually means that the update isn't installed on top of a prior installation. Remember, an update is just that: an update - it is not a full installation and will not work without a prior installation. If this is the case, make a copy of the existing directory first, then remove the directory where you installed the update and re-install it on top of your old directory.

This problem may also occur with older versions of the software being updated with the latest update. It is possible that your original compiler is old enough that some files are out of sync with the update. Typically, this means that you need a set of install disks for the new version of software to solve this problem. You may contact our technical support group at for a new set of disks.

You should also check your environment path settings to make sure they point to the proper path.

Article last edited on: 2004-11-15 14:18:52

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