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I am trying to compile and build a simple project, and it is taking forever to compile. It never completes compiling. Why?


There are several possible causes.

There is a problem on SOME machines using Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 with WINCMD. uVision hangs when compiling. Alt tab to the wincmd window and see if there is a sharing violation message or something similar, and see if answering "retry" will continue the compilation. If so, to fix it, remove wincmd.exe and wincmd.pif from the BIN directory. The problem should then go away.

Another thing to check: if you are using windows 3.1 or windows 3.11 or windows for workgroups, the problem could be in the scheduling options for windows.

To correct the problem, go to the control panel, then to the 386 enhanced options. On the Enhanced dialog box, there is a group of scheduling options. There is a checkbox for Exclusive in Foreground. This box MUST be unchecked. When this box is checked, it causes the foreground application to run exclusively. In other words, no other task runs EXCEPT the foreground application. This freezes the compiler and other tasks that uVision starts.

Another possible cause: if you have uVision v 1.0 or 1.01 or earlier, and you have a Borland C Compiler installed on your machine. They have a file name in common, winrun.exe. It tries to execute the Borland winrun.exe instead of the Keil winrun.exe. To fix this, we recommend that you download and install the update software from our web site, It contains the latest version of uVision, in which we have changed that file name.

Article last edited on: 2004-05-05 20:45:20

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