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I need to delete the Keil software from my system. What do I need to delete to be thorough?


For tools installed with uVision Version 2 (C166 V4 and later, C51 V6 and later, and C251 V3 and later)...

  1. Open Control Panel and use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall uVision2 and all the tools.
  2. After uninstalling, make sure the KEIL folder and all subfolders have been removed.

For tools before uVision Version 2...

  1. Delete C51, C251, C166 folders and all subfolders.
  2. An .INI file may be installed in your WINDOWS or WINNT folder. It is named UVW51.INI, UVW251.INI, UVW166.INI. This file may safely be deleted.
  3. Remove all references to the KEIL folder from AUTOEXEC.BAT.
  4. Remove any Program Associations.

    For Windows 3.1 or 3.1.1

    • Select the UVWIN icon from within the Keil program group.
    • Select the FILES pull-down menu.
    • Select the properties entry.
    • Delete the execute field UVW51.exe, UVWIN.exe, UVW251.exe, or UVW166.exe.

    For Windows 95 and NT

    • Click the right mouse button on any blank spot on the task bar at the bottom of the screen and then, with left mouse button, select properties.
    • Select the Start Menu Programs tab.
    • Then select the Advanced button.
    • This invokes the Exploring Start Menu screen.
    • Double click on programs.
    • Then double click on DK51 (or DK251 or PK166 or whatever the case may be).
    • Pull down the file menu, select delete.
  5. Delete the C51.GRP, C251.GRP, and C166.GRP files.
  6. For Windows 3.1, select the box that contains the icons, select file pull-down menu, select delete. For Windows 95, select the uVision icon, hit delete button.

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