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Help, I'm having problems with uVision/UVWINRUN. uVision seems to lockup when compiling my programs. Is there any way I can find out what's going on?


uVision V1.26 and later includes a test version of UVWINRUN.EXE which is downward compatible with the old UVWINRUN. The test version has two new features:

DEBUG mode: All parameters are displayed and steplocking (via the keyboard) is enabled. This allows the user to ALT-TAB to the UVWINRUN window to control and observe the operation of UVWINRUN.

REDIRTEMP mode: Places the redirection output files from the tools (compiler, linker, etc) in the same directory as the $$WINRUN.$$$ files. If automatic directory determination is enabled, these files are placed in the Windows temporary directory (TEMP or TMP). If automatic directory determination is NOT enabled, the temp files are placed at the location specified in the ENVIRONMENT PATHSPECS dialog's TMP directory.

Both features may be enabled at once. To enable either of these modes you need to create image file(s) in the BIN directory (or wherever UVWINRUN resides). The contents of each file is unimportant, but the existence of the file(s) is what enables the features.

To enable DEBUG mode, create a file called UVWINRUN.DBG. To enable REDIRTEMP mode, create a file called UVWINRUN.RED.

NOTE: The filenames above assume that the command executor is called UVWINRUN.EXE. If not, then the files to create should be named after the alternate name, but use the same extension (e.g. UVRUN.DBG, etc).

To create an image file, at the DOS prompt type:

CD C166BIN [ENTER]              <- assuming UVWINRUN.EXE is here
COPY CON UVWINRUN.DBG [ENTER]     <- to enable debug mode, for example
AAA [F6][ENTER]                   <- F6 echoes ^Z

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