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Help. We have tried to use the MON251US.HEX code for the Intel 930 eval board. We made an eprom, but have not had any luck getting dScope to recognize it.

  1. We are using the 8x930xx Adapter board with 80930AX processor. Is the MON251US supposed to work with this chip or only the original 80930 one?
  2. Is there a different CPU driver required for dScope?
  3. Will it work with both internal and external UARTs?


MON251US works with all 8x930Ax devices from Intel. You may connect via the on-chip UART or the external UART. Of course, the UARTC DIP switch must be on if you want to use the external UART. When you use MON251US, you must select the MON251.DLL target driver in dScope. Additionally, the connection rate should be 57600 for the external UART and 19200 for the on-chip UART.

Be sure to check the Keil USB web page at

Article last edited on: 2005-11-16 15:48:54

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