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Applies to: RTX166 Real-time Kernel



Does RTX166 for the C167CR support the on-chip CAN (controller area network) interface? Is there any configuration required for error detection and correction?


Yes. RTX166 supports the internal C167 CAN controller and external Intel 82527.

Error detection and correction is done automatically in hardware. When too many errors have occurred, compared to successful communication, the hardware goes into the first error state. After more errors, the hardware goes into another error state. The error state is usually reported by the driver.

Resetting the error states should not be an automatic process since this feature is put in for the safety of the rest of the bus.

Error detection is done by the CRC part of the message. Error correction is done by retransmitting.

Article last edited on: 2004-05-20 20:24:54

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