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We are having trouble getting PC-Lint V7.50 to work with C51 and uVision V1.31 under Windows 95. We had V7.00 working with uVision under Windows 3.11. We ported this software to Windows 95 and the PC-Lint error links to the source files became flaky.

When we installed PC-Lint V7.50 it gave us the option of host operating system. If we select Windows 95 then the uVision PC-Lint translator will not run. It looks like this is a result of the fact that Lint.exe is replaced with Lint-nt.exe. If we rename Lint-nt.exe to Lint.exe then the uVision lint translator says "linting" and then "compile successful" (?) even though the code has errors. If we select DOS environment then we end up with the same flaky error links.


The following steps may help when installing PC-Lint Version 7.5.

  1. Install PC-Lint (run INSTALL.EXE) using the following parameters:
    • Directory = C:PCLINT
    • Source = A:
    • Multiple Compilers = No
    • Compiler = Generic
    • Model = Small
    • Libraries = None
    • C++ = None
    • Include = Skip this step
    • Questionaire = No - Create a dummy
    • Environment = None
    • LIN.BAT = Skip this step
  2. Run LCOPY.BAT (in C:PCLINT) to install the software.
  3. Rename LINT_NT.EXE to LINT.EXE.

The Keil software comes with .LNT files for the C166, C51, and C251. They are located in the BIN directory of your compiler installation. The names of these files are KEILC51.LNT, KEILC251.LNT, and KEILC166.LNT. If you do not have or can't find them, point your web browser to the following URL and download them.

You may need to modify your .LNT files to specify the include directory. Add the following line anywhere in the .LNT file to do that.

-iC:C166INC // Specify the INC directory for C166

In uVision, you may need to change the options for PC-Lint and add the path to PC-Lint and the .LNT file in the BIN directory of the compiler installation.

After making the above changes, everything should work.

If you still have trouble, you may need to download the latest version of uVision from the web. The URL is:


Article last edited on: 2005-07-09 12:31:13

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