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I have a Signum Systems emulator and I need to convert the absolute object module created by the linker into their format. What is the name of the absolute OMF file created by uVision and what options do I need to set?


The absolute object module is created by the linker and is given the name of the project file with no extension. So, if your project is named DON.PRJ, the absolute object module is named DON.

You should set the Include Debug Information check box in the Assembler Options under the Object Tab.

You should also set the Include Debug Information and Include Extended Debug Information check boxes in the Compiler Options under the Object Tab.

Convert the absolute OMF file and you're ready to go. You may create a batch file that does this and add it to the project. If you do, make sure to set the option to run the batch program after linking the project. That way, when you build the project, the A-OMF file gets converted automatically.

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