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I recently encountered a compiler problem that took me several days to locate only to discover that it was corrected in a compiler version that was not on the web. Why don't you post the latest updates on your web site?


We appologize for the inconvenience you have encountered getting the latest updates. However, all OFFICIAL software updates are available on the web.

Whenever we make a software release, we run a number of test suites to ensure that the software is ready for distribution. It takes some time to run these test programs. Once a release passes the test suites, it is an OFFICIAL release and it is made available on our web site.

As minor features are added and bugs corrected, we make INTERIM releases. Sometimes, we make these releases available to customers when necessary. However, these interim releases are not tested using all test suites. That's not really a problem if the correction is as simple as a spelling mistake.

So, the reason that every single release is not on the web is due to the testing that we do. We do everything possible to ensure that our customers can easily get the latest software. Sometimes that's difficult to achieve with all of the work that goes into a compiler product.

The best way to keep informed of new compiler releases is to add your name to our list server. Then, you will be notified via e-mail whenever there is a new update available. To add your name to the list server, point your browser to our Information Forms page and select Add Your Name to the Product Update E-mail list.

You may also use this form to request brochures and other product information.

Article last edited on: 2007-07-24 15:48:58

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