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What does it mean when I get the following error message:

Failed to create WINRUN parameter file


This error message is generated when uVision cannot write to the parameter file ($$WINRUN.$$$) for the DOS command executor (UVWINRUN). This may occur when...

  1. The drive is full.
  2. The TEMP or TMP path setting is invalid.
  3. The TEMP or TMP directory doesn't exist.
  4. The TMP directory in the Environment Pathspecs (in uVision) is invalid.
  5. The parm file already exists and is locked.

Solutions to these problems are as follows:

  1. Free-up some hard drive space.
  2. Verify the TEMP and TMP path specs.
  3. Create the TEMP and TMP directories.
  4. Correct the TMP specification in uVision or check the "Automatically Determine Path Specs" check box.
  5. Exit uVision and delete the file named $$WINRUN.$$$

Article last edited on: 2005-07-09 11:41:31

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