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We purchased the KEIL software tools for the Siemens 80c166. We also got the 167 starter kit for Siemens which has DEMO versions of the KEIL software. The problem is that MON166.EXE in the starter kit works fine but the MON166.EXE that came with the tools gives me a "Error: Wrong configuration of bootstrap loader!"

What's wrong?


When you use MON166.EXE or MON166.DLL (with dScope) to debug programs on your target hardware, you must have the correct BOOT and MONITOR files copied into the C166BIN directory. These files are downloaded and started by the MON166 programs.

You may copy these files from the DEMO software's C166MONITOR into the REAL software's C166MONITOR directory.

After you do that, run the MON166 program and the starter kit board should work just fine.

Article last edited on: 2004-05-24 21:11:15

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