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Applies to: RTX51 Real-time Kernel



I'm using MON51 and dScope to debug my RTX51 application. Everything works fine until I call the os_start_system library routine. Then, my application crashes. What's going on? Am I missing something in the configuration?


This typically happens when you debug with MON51 because the CODE space and XDATA space overlap. When RTX51 initializes its data structures in XDATA, it overwrites part of the CODE space. Use the linker options to relocate XDATA so that it doesn't overlap CODE.

For example, if your monitor configuration locates your target program at 0, you should start your XDATA at something like 0x4000 or 0x8000, depending on the available RAM.

Article last edited on: 2004-06-07 09:40:45

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