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I do not quite understand the files START167.A66 and BOOT167.A66. Is BOOT.A66 used for the monitor and START167.A66 used for the final application ?


The BOOT167.A66 file is part of the boot loader used by the monitor. Actually, the monitor consists of three files: BOOT*.A66, CONF*.INC, and INST*.A66.

CONF contains definitions for the stuff that gets initialized in the startup code for the monitor. This code is in BOOT. The CONF file contains definitions that are identical to those found in START167.A66. So, to get a monitor working, the startup should be the same in CONF and in START167.

The INST file is the initialization for the monitor. This includes things like the serial port used for communication with dScope and so on.

The START167.A66 file is the startup code that is executed immediately after reset by the CPU. There's nothing much to add here. If you have a monitor configuration that works, but your stand-alone program doesn't work, you should compare the CONF*.INC from the monitor to the START167.A66 file for the stand-alone program. There's probably a difference that prevents your program from working.


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