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When I try to link, uVision reports a linker saying that it couldn't find the linker command file. What's wrong?


There are two possibilities:

You have configured uVision to use a linker command file and have either not created it, or have erased or moved it. You can see the linker command file settings under Options|BL51 Linker|[Files].

If you have not configured uVision to use a command file as described above, then uVision will create a linker command file on-the-fly everytime you link. This is the method used to pass parameters to the linker EXE. There are several reasons why the linker may not be able to find your command file.

  1. You do not have write permission for the directory in which your project file is stored or your TEMP directory, or
  2. You are using a directory name with parentheses in it, for example 'PTE51(0)'.
  3. You have placed your project in a path which involves LFNs(Long File Names):


    This only applies to Windows95 and NT.

    The Intel OMF-51 file format does not allow for tildes ('~') in file names. When a 16-bit application requests a file or directory name from the operating system, and the file/directory in question has more than 8.3 characters in its name, the filename is coverted to meet DOS filename restrictions by placing a tilde and a number as the 7th and 8th characters in the filename. As much of the original file extension as possible is preserved. When the linker looks for a command file in a directory whose name involves long filenames, it cannot find the file, even if it is there. The only solution is to rename your directories in such a way that they meet DOS filename restrictions.

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