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I have installed my purchased, licensed copy of uVision, but it appears to be the eval version.


First completely uninstall the eval version you have on your machine.

Next, install the software again. When asked for your serial number, make sure you enter it accurately, complete with the dashes. Ensure that you haven't entered a zero instead of the letter O or vice versa, or confused the letter I with the number one.

Once your serial number is entered, do not click on any buttons until you have inserted your floppy disk into the drive. When you click on the button to continue, check to make sure the floppy disk is accessed. It verifies your serial number.

Once the installation is complete, you should have the full version of the software.

If you compiled any of your files with the eval software, you must recompile (or rebuild) them to remove the eval information from the .OBJ modules.

Article last edited on: 2004-06-08 12:48:14

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