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I'm trying to use the MON51 target debugger on a 89C51 part. Can I do that? The requirements in the help file state I must have external CODE space. I don't because the 89C51 has built in 64K FLASH.


When using the MON51 target monitor, you must have some area of CODE space that is readable and writable (von Neumann). This is typically handled by connecting /PSEN and /RD to an AND gate whose output is connected to the /RD pin of the RAM. This scenario does use external memory.

If you have on-chip FLASH, you should take a look at the FlashMON Target Monitor. This monitor is effectively the same as MON51 but it works with on-chip and external Flash memory.


Article last edited on: 2004-06-09 10:24:22

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