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I have noticed that the INIT.A51 file is included in my projects. What is it used for and can I remove or edit it?


The INIT.A51 file includes code that initializes global variables before the main() C function is called. The initial values are copied from constants in code memory.

All C segments make calls to this code. We strongly recommend you do not edit this file.

If you do include the STARTUP.A51 and INIT.A51 files in your project, they must be the last two files linked. The INIT.A51 file should be the last file of your project.

If you use the command line linker, STARTUP.OBJ and INIT.OBJ must be the last two files in the object file list.

If you use the uVision or uVision IDE, these files must be the last two files in the project list.


Article last edited on: 2004-06-08 13:41:03

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