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When I build my project, a hex file is not generated. Why not?


This could be caused by several reasons:

  1. The Object to Hex converter (OH51) is not being executed after linking.
  2. If the linker is generating any warnings, then depending on the warning a hex file will not be created.
  3. Using long filenames and directory names can cause unexpected results with uVision.


Choose Make from the Options menu and ensure that 'Run OH51 Object Hex Converter' is checked.

Ensure that the linker is not generating any warnings. If it is, then take appropriate action to fix the problems or avoid the potential problems the linker is warning you about.

If you are using any long filenames or directory names, then shorten them to eight characters or less.

Try building the Hello example and see if that generates a hex file.

Article last edited on: 2005-07-09 11:48:57

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