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The debugger seems to ignore PEC source and destination pointer initialization. When the code loads SRCP0 and DSTP0, the debugger PEC window shows no change. Isn't the debugger supposed to pick up the PEC info automatically from the code, or does it have to be initialized manually?

If the source and destination pointers aren't initialized properly, of course, the debugger gives an access violation error. We entered the correct pointers manually using the debugger PEC window and the code executed properly without an access violation. But do we have to enter the pointers manually every time we run the debugger?


The original C166 has different addresses for the PEC registers to the C167 and its derivatives. This means that currently uVision is unable to properly simulate all the features of the C166. The C167 and derivatives are fully supported however.

Debugger support for the C166 will be developed by early 2000.

Article last edited on: 2004-06-29 08:51:06

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