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I have noticed that functions can be called indirectly using the following syntax:




Is there a difference between the two methods? Should I use one in favor of the other? Will one of them cause any problems? Is this a mistake in the compiler?


Both methods are legal. The method that uses the indirection operator is the older one and ANSI C supports that method for purposes of compatibility with older compilers.

The following is the assembly code generated by the C51 compiler for both methods:

                 93   1        fptr();
0000 AA00    R     MOV     R2,fptr+01H
0002 A900    R     MOV     R1,fptr+02H
0004 120000  E     LCALL   ?C?ICALL
                 94   1        (*fptr)();
0007 AA00    R     MOV     R2,fptr+01H
0009 A900    R     MOV     R1,fptr+02H
000B 120000  E     LCALL   ?C?ICALL

As you can see, they are identical. The choice of which method to use is a personal preference.

Article last edited on: 2004-06-10 17:06:40

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