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I have a computer that was manufactured in 1996. I have a USB peripheral but my computer does not have the usb connector that the peripheral has. How do I connect the device to my PC?


First, if your computer was built prior to 1998, you probably have Windows 95 installed. If that's the case, you must make sure it is Windows 95 OSR2.1. If it isn't or if you don't know, you should upgrade to Windows 98. There are too many problems with the USB support in Windows 95 to deal with unless you are an expert user.

Second, the USB connector on the back of your computer should look like the one pictured at the following URL:

If it doesn't, you have a strange PC and will probably have to upgrade or get a USB plug-in card. Check out USB Stuff to find out what USB products are available.

Article last edited on: 2003-04-07 09:09:42

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