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I receive the following error when I link my project:

Fatal Error L250: Code Size Limit in Restricted Version

I have the real (not the evaluation) tools and I've checked all the settings and everything seems OK. Why am I receiving this error message?


There are several reasons for this error message.

  1. You are using the evaluation tools. Click on Help — About in the uVision2 IDE and look for your serial number. Note that you must have a project open when you do this. If the IDE reports that your serial number is EVAL VERSION (or something similar) then you need to purchase the tools or install full version of the tools you purchased).
  2. You may have an OBJ file that was compiled or assembled with the evaluation software. Rebuild (re-compile and re-assemble) all of the files in your project. This will solve the problem in many cases.
  3. If you are using V6, you may need to update your software (see below).
  4. You have a CA51 or DK51 kit and are trying to use the Extended Assembler and Linker checkbox options in your project.  These options are only available in the PK51 toolkit.
  5. You have selected a device from an architecture different than supported by your fully-licensed product. For example, if you have only a PK51 kit licensed, but you select an NXP LPC2148 device as a target. uVision knows that the LPC2148 is an ARM device and tries to build the project using the ARM tools. If you have no ARM license, the ARM tools run in evaluation mode.
  6. You installed V7 using an Add-on Diskette ZIP download file, but the Use Folder Names option was not checked when you extracted the Add-on Diskette files.
  7. If you have just upgraded to Version 8.00 or later, you must license your kit to activate its full capabilities.  See the Installing a LIC section in the Licensing User's Guide for information regarding this.
  8. If you have another version of uVision installed on your PC, check Components, Environments and Books in the Folders/Extensions tab. If the BIN: text box is not blank, make sure it points to the /BIN folder that contains the latest version of uVision.



Article last edited on: 2008-09-19 11:25:40

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