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I have just successfully imported a uVision project into uVision Version 2 (V2). However, I need to change the paths to my source files since I moved them to a new directory. Is there a way to do that in uVision V2?


The Import project file feature is intended only to facilitate upgrading from uVision Version 1.x to uVision V2. Reorganizing the project directory structure is a different task.

Deleting and re-adding each file is the safest way to do what you want.

If that is not desirable, you may edit the project file using a text editor, like notepad. To use this approach:

  1. Exit uVision V2.
  2. Make a copy of the project file (just in case the modified version doesn't work right).
  3. Look in your UV2 file for a line that says something like:
    PrjPath <C:foojunk>
  4. Look for all the lines similar to:
    File 1,1,<.suby.c><y.c>

    The first item in angle brackets is the pathname for the file, relative to the PrjPath. You must change the pathname. Don't change the filename part ('y.c' in this example) - it has to match the name in the second set of angle brackets.

    The directory name '.' means the current directory, i.e., the directory in the PrjPath line. So in this example the full pathname is 'C:foojunksuby.c'

If this does not work for your project, you'll have to fall back on adding each file through uVision V2.


Article last edited on: 2005-07-09 12:50:59

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