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How do I import a project that I have created in DAvE 2.0?


uVision V2.04 will automatically create uVision projects from DAvE 2.0 projects.

When you create a project with DAvE 2, make sure you select the Keil tool set from the project setup dialog. Create your DAvE project as normal.

To import the project into uVision, use the Open item from the File menu to open the .DPT file from the DAvE project. When you open this file, uVision automatically creates a new project and adds the files created by DAvE to a special file group called DAvE Files.

Make sure that you are using C166 V4.03 or later and uVision V2.04 or later.


Refer to Application Note 148 for more information about DAvE 2.0 and µVision.

Also, refer to Application Note 182 for creating XC16x projects in µVision3 using DAve.

Article last edited on: 2005-09-22 12:18:01

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