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uVision retranslates all files in my project when I'm using Project - Build target. However, I have made no changes to my files and the the uVision built-in MAKE should check the timestamp to see that there are no changes.


uVision uses file dependency information that is stored in the object files by the compiler, assembler, and linker. To create a standard time that is valid worldwide, the toolchain uses the time zone setting of your computer. However, this timezone setting must be consistently used by your computer.

Windows 32-bit command line programs (this is the compiler and linker) use the environment variable TZ to determine the time zone where you are located. This environment variable is not used by the Windows application uVision. If the TZ definition of the time zone is not the same as the setting under My Computer - Control Panel - Date/Time / Time Zone, then uVision thinks that the creation time has changed and retranslates the file.


Check to see if you have an environment variable named TZ. It is best to remove this environment variable completely. If you have concerns that other programs will not work without this environment variable, make the setting consistent with the selection under My Computer - Control Panel - Date/Time / Time Zone.


Article last edited on: 2004-06-29 10:01:52

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