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How do I relocate the timer interrupt used by RTX51 Tiny?


The interrupt vector for the timer used by RTX51 Tiny is defined in the RTX51TNY.A51 file found in the c51 tx_directory.

Open this file with any editor and search for the following:

                RSEG    ?RTX?BITS
?RTX_TS_REQ:    DBIT    1

                CSEG    AT      0BH
                JMP     TIMERINT


Change the CSEG AT 0BH statement to specify the new address for the interrupt 1. If you relocate your interrupt vectors to 04000H, you should change the 0BH value to 0400BH as follows:

                CSEG    AT      0400BH
                JMP     TIMERINT

Then, you'll have to rebuild RTX51 Tiny and make sure the new library that is create gets copied into the c51lib directory. You may use the GENRTX.BAT batch file to do that:

REM This file generates the RTX51 TINY LIBRARY
..ina51 right.a51
..ina51 vers.a51
..ina51 rtx51tny.a51 debug
..ina51 conf_tny.a51
..indel rtx51tny.lib
..inlib51 create rtx51tny.lib
..inlib51 add right.obj,vers.obj,rtx51tny.obj,conf_tny.obj to rtx51tny.lib
copy rtx51tny.lib ..lib

Or you can create a project file. Be sure you add the following files to the RTX51TNY project: RIGHT.A51, VERS.A51, RTX51TNY.A51, and CONF_TNY.A51.


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