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I just received the A51 Assembler Kit and I'm having trouble with the uVision Debugger. I have code that compiles and I can run it on our board. I made some changes for the debugger and the source browser.

  1. When I start the debugger I get a message saying I am running the evaluation version.
  2. When I try to use the source browser it tells me to check the box "build browse information" under target-options/output and then rebuild my target. If I do this, it still gives the same error repeatedly.

Can you give me any suggestions?


The problems you have encountered are associated with the A51 Assembler Kit and are detailed below:

  1. The full, unlimited debugger is NOT included with the A51 Assembler Kit. To help customers get started, we include a DEMO/EVAL debugger in kits that don't include the full, unlimited debugger. It was our intention to help customers who don't purchase the high-end kits test small programs. The error message you see that tells you that the debugger is an evaluation version is correct.
  2. As for the source browser information, the C compiler generates source browser information, the assembler does not. There is no way to use the source browser in assembly-only programs.

Article last edited on: 2005-07-09 11:03:07

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