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The latest release of Multi-ICE is version 2.2.6, available as a patch to Multi-ICE v2.2. The patch can be downloaded from the Multi-ICE downloads page.

Multi-ICE v2.2 superseded Multi-ICE v2.1, Multi-ICE v2.0 and Multi-ICE v1.4. We encourage customers to upgrade to the latest version of Multi-ICE, which includes support for newer cores and functionality, and fixes for bugs detected in previous versions. For information about how to upgrade to v2.2 see the Multi-ICE product page.

The Multi-ICE v2.2 User Guide includes a new Troubleshooting section, which explains all the common errors reported by Multi-ICE. The System Design Guidelines section of the user guide provides important information to develop ARM-based devices and PCBs that can be debugged using Multi-ICE. The user guide can be downloaded from within the Documentation pages.

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