How do I navigate the site?

This page tells you how to navigate this site. See:

Navigating with the Contents tab

To browse this site, use the Contents tab Contents icon on the left:

Contents tab

To match the Contents tab with the current topic, you can:

Navigating with the Next and Previous buttons

To step through the pages in a document, use the Next Next icon and Previous Previous icon buttons at the top of this document frame.

These buttons are mapped to the N and P access keys. To discover how to use access keys, see the help or documentation for your browser.

Navigating with the Documents by number tab

To see a list of the available documents, use the Documents by number tab Documents by number icon on the left:

Contents tab

Changing tabs

To change between the Contents Contents icon, Documents by number Documents by number icon, and Search Results Search Results icon tabs, click on the tabs beneath the frame:

Tabs for changing left frame

Maximizing and restoring

To maximize a frame, click the Maximize button Maximize icon at the top of the frame.

To restore the frames afterwards, click the Restore button Restore icon that replaces the Maximize button.

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