How do I search the site?

This page tells you how to search the documentation on this site. See:

Basic searches

To search the documentation on this site, enter your search term in the Search for field above the Contents tab:

Search bar

Then ensure you are searching in the correct part of the site:

To start the search, either click the Get search results button Get search results icon or press Return.

The results of the search appear in the Search Results tab Search Results icon on the left.

Search Results tab

If you enter multiple words, the search results are pages containing all of the words you typed.

Searching for a phrase

To search for a phrase, surround it with double quotes. For example:
"my phrase" .

Using wildcards

You can use two wildcards in your searches:

You cannot start a search word with a wildcard. If you do this the word is ignored, so if it is the only search term no results are returned.

Boolean searches

You can use the words “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT” to construct boolean searches.

These operators bind from left to right.

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