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  1. What documents have you been viewing?

  2. How familiar are you with ARM products?

    Never used ARM products before
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    Frequently use ARM products
    Only use ARM products

  3. What is your job function? (please select the closest)

    Hardware Design Engineer
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    System Validation Engineer
    System Architect

  4. Did you find the information you were looking for?

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    If you did not find the information you were looking for, please could you tell us what information you were looking for.

  5. If you had not found the information what would you have done?

    Looked elsewhere on the internet
    Looked elsewhere on the ARM website
    Asked a colleague
    Attempted to work it out yourself
    Raised a support call

  6. Do you find the information you require spread across too many separate documents?


  7. Are the documents written assuming the correct level of knowledge?

    Too simplistic
    A bit simplistic
    Just right
    A bit complicated
    Too complicated

  8. Are the documents:

    Too big
    Too small

  9. How does the quality compare with documentation you use from other companies?

    ARM's documentation is:

    A lot worse
    Slightly worse
    About the same
    Slightly better
    A lot better

    If you found another companies documentation better than ARMs please could you indicate which company:

  10. How long did it take you to find the information?

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  11. How did you look for the information? By:

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    Search term

  12. How would you rate the navigation in the ARM Information Center?

    Very poor
    Very good

  13. If English is not your first language:

    • What translation of the InfoCenter would you prefer?

      No more translation
      Translate the user interface
      Translate the documents
      Translate both the user interface and the documents

    • Into which languages?

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