3.5.36. Context ID Comparator Value Registers, ETMCIDCVRn

The ETMCIDCVR characteristics are:


Holds a 32-bit Context ID value for comparison.

Usage constraints

There are no usage constraints.


These registers are only implemented from ETMv2.0.

The number of Context ID comparators:

  • is implementation defined

  • is specified by ETMCCR bits [25:24]

  • can be zero.

See Configuration Code Register, ETMCCR.

Unimplemented ETMCIDCVRs are RAZ/WI.


See the register summary in Table 3.3, and Reset behavior.

Figure 3.33 shows the ETMCIDCVR bit assignments.

Figure 3.33. ETMCIDCVR bit assignments

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Table 3.46 shows the ETMCIDCVR bit assignments.

Table 3.46. ETMCIDCVR bit assignments


Defined in ETM architecture versions


[31:0]v2.0 and later

Context ID value

Each ETMCIDCVR has the same bit assignments.

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