7.4. Data tracing

Data tracing is performed by interleaving packets of data trace with the instruction trace. Most data packets correspond to the most recent Data instruction traced. See Data Instructions for definitions of Data Instructions and Exceptions on Data Instructions for special handling around exceptions.


When tracing LSM instructions, the ETM generates one data packet for each 32-bit data transfer. For more information see Tracing LSMs.

Data tracing features are controlled by the ETMCR. For more information, see Main Control Register, ETMCR and in particular the descriptions of the following bits and fields:

From ETMv3.3, it is implementation defined which data tracing features are provided. For details of the implementation options see Data tracing options, ETMv3.3 and later.

This document refers to data tracing being enabled. Data tracing is enabled if at least one of the following is enabled:

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