7.9.2. Default behavior of EmbeddedICE watchpoint inputs

When the ETMEIBCR is not implemented, Table 7.19 defines the required behavior of the EmbeddedICE watchpoint input connection to the different ETM resources.

Table 7.19. Default behavior of EmbeddedICE watchpoint comparator inputs

Resource driven by EmbeddedICE inputBehavior of input
Trigger eventPulse
TraceEnable eventLatch
Trace start/stop block inputPulse
ViewData eventLatch
Counter enable or reloadPulse
Sequencer state changePulse
External outputPulse


Debuggers can read bit [21] of the ETMCCER to discover whether the ETMEIBCR is implemented:

  • if the register is not implemented the debugger can assume the behavior of the EmbeddedICE watchpoint comparator inputs matches Table 7.19

  • if the register is implemented the debugger must configure the behavior of each EmbeddedICE input, as appropriate for the use it is making of the input.

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