3.4.1. ETM Trace and ETM Management registers, from ETMv3.3

From ETMv3.3, the ETM register map is split into two areas, as Table 3.4 shows.

Table 3.4. Split of ETM register map into Trace and Management registers

AreaRegister numbersRegister addresses
ETM Trace Registers0x000-0x0BF, 0x0C6-0x3BF0x000-0x2FF, 0x318-0xEFF
ETM Management Registers0x0C0-0x0C5, 0x3C0-0x3FF0x300-0x314, 0xF00-0xFFF


  • Table 3.4 is based on the ETM registers implemented in ETMv3.3 and ETMv3.4. In ETMv3.5 the Claim Tag registers are classified as Trace Registers rather than Management Registers. These are the registers numbered 0x3E8 and 0x3E9, at addresses 0xFA0 and 0xFA4.

  • However, any ETM register not specified in Table 3.3 is reserved and might be used in the future as either Trace or Management registers.

  • In previous issues of the ETM Architecture Specification the ETM Trace Registers have been called the ETM Debug Registers. This name change does not indicate any change in how the registers are used.

This split of the register map is made for register save/restore purposes. For more information see:

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