7.4.11. Data tracing options, ETMv3.3 and later

From ETMv3.3, an ETM implementation can limit the availability of data value and data address tracing. From ETMv3.3, the availability of the following data trace options is implementation defined:

However, these options are not independent, and any implementation must provide one of the feature sets listed in Table 7.18.

Table 7.18. Possible feature sets for data tracing, ETMv3.3 and later

Data address tracingData value TracingCPRT tracingData-only modeNotes
ImplementedImplementedImplementedImplementedAs for ETMv3.1 and ETMv3.2
ImplementedNot implementedNot implementedNot implemented-
Not implementedImplementedImplementedNot implemented-
Not implementedNot implementedNot implementedNot implementedViewData registers not implemented.


  • Data-only mode, as described in Data-only mode, ETMv3.1 and later, is only implemented when all other data tracing features are implemented.

  • Context ID tracing, as described in Context ID packets, is always available and is not affected by any restriction on the data tracing options that are implemented.

  • If an implementation does not provide any of the optional data tracing features then the ViewData registers are not implemented, and reads as zero.

Detecting which data tracing options are available

Debug tools can write and then read the ETMCR to find which data tracing options are supported. For more information, see Checking available data tracing options, ETMv3.3 and later.

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