1.2. ETM versions and variants

The ETM is subject to continuous improvement in conjunction with the development of ARM processors. Table 1.1 shows the history of ETM versions and variants. When Table 1.1 does not list different revisions of an ETM the information in the table applies to all revisions.

Table 1.1. ETM versions and variants

ETM nameProtocol numberArchitecture version
ETM7 Rev 0 1ETMv1.1
ETM7 Rev 1 2ETMv1.2
ETM7 Rev 1a4ETMv1.2
ETM9 Rev 00ETMv1.0
ETM9 Rev 0a1ETMv1.1
ETM9 Rev 12ETMv1.2
ETM9 Rev 23ETMv1.3
ETM9 Rev 2a5ETMv1.3
ETM9 r2p27ETMv1.3
CoreSight ETM9Not applicableETMv3.2
ETM10Not applicableETMv2.0
ETM10RVNot applicableETMv3.0
ETM11Not applicableETMv3.1
CoreSight ETM11Not applicableETMv3.2
CoreSight ETM-A5Not applicableETMv3.5
CoreSight ETM-A7Not applicableETMv3.5
CoreSight ETM-A8Not applicableETMv3.3
CoreSight ETM-R4Not applicableETMv3.3
CoreSight ETM-R5Not applicableETMv3.3
CoreSight ETM-M3Not applicableETMv3.5
CoreSight ETM-M4Not applicableETMv3.5


The following ETMs do not report an architecture version. The different protocol versions enable software tools to implement workarounds for errata in earlier versions.

  • ETM protocol version 4 is equivalent to ETM protocol version 2.

  • ETM protocol versions 5 and 7 are equivalent to ETM protocol version 3.

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