4.11.3. Coprocessor register transfer

A Coprocessor Register Transfer (CPRT) occurs when the processor executes any of the following instructions:

These instructions move data between the processor registers and the coprocessor. There is no address related to a CPRT. The data size is always 32 bits for MCR and MRC, and 64 bits for MCRR and MRRC instructions.

Up to ETMv2.x

ViewData is ignored when the processor determines whether to trace a CPRT. This is because a CPRT does not have an associated data address associated. Instead, a configuration bit selects whether the data must be captured. This is the as MonitorCPRT bit, bit [1] of the ETMCR, register 0x000.

ETMv3.0 upwards

Although CPRTs cannot be filtered based on data address, they can be filtered based on the address of the instruction associated with them. A bit in the ETMCR, FilterCPRT, is used with MonitorCPRT to enable you to use ViewData. See Main Control Register, ETMCR for information about how to use ViewData with CPRTs.

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