3.5.73.  About the CoreSight component identification registers, ETMv3.2 and later

From ETMv3.2, an ETM includes four read-only CoreSight component identification registers, ComponentID3 to ComponentID0. Table 3.83 shows these registers:

Table 3.83. Summary of the CoreSight component Identification registers

RegisterDescriptionNumberOffset [a]
Component ID0Component ID0 Register, ETMCIDR00x3FC0xFF0
Component ID1Component ID1 Register, ETMCIDR10x3FD0xFF4
Component ID2Component ID2 Register, ETMCIDR20x3FE0xFF8
Component ID3Component ID3 Register, ETMCIDR30x3FF0xFFC

[a] Used when registers are accessed in a memory-mapped scheme. The register offset is always (4 x (Register number)).

The component identification registers identify the ETM as a CoreSight component. For more information, see the CoreSight Architecture Specification.

Only bits [7:0] of each register are used. Figure 3.68 shows the concept of a single 32-bit component ID, obtained from the four component identification registers.

Figure 3.68. Mapping between the Component ID registers and the Component ID value

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In ETMv3.5 coprocessor accesses to these registers are unpredictable.

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