3.5.75. Component ID1 Register, ETMCIDR1

The ETMCIDR1 characteristics are


Holds byte 1 of the CoreSight preamble information.

Usage constraints

Only bits [7:0] of this register are valid. They must be used with bits [7:0] of the other Component ID registers to obtain the CoreSight Component ID for the ETM macrocell.


This register is only available in ETMv3.2 or later.


See the register summary in Table 3.3 and Reset behavior.

Figure 3.70 shows the ETMCIDR1 bit assignments.

Figure 3.70. ETMCIDR1 bit assignments

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Table 3.85 shows the ETMCIDR1 bit assignments.

Table 3.85. ETMCIDR1 bit assignments

BitsDefined in ETM architecture versionsValueDescription
[7:0]v3.2 and later0x90Reserved

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