6.4. Trace packet types

Trace packets are placed in the FIFO because of any PIPESTAT value that includes a D in its encoding. Trace packets can be any of the following types:

Branch Address packet

Used for destination addresses that cannot be directly inferred from the source code. If a branch address is output, it is always placed on the FIFO last in the cycle. For more details, see Branch Address trace packets.

Normal Data packet

Used for the following:

  • store data packets

  • all loads that do not miss in the cache

  • CPRT data packets.

For more information, see Normal Data packets.

Load Miss packet

Used for load requests that miss in the data cache. For more details, see Load Miss packets.

Value Not Traced packet

Used when performing partial tracing of an LSM. For more information, see Value Not Traced packets.

Context ID packet

Used when a new Context ID value is output. For more information, see Context ID tracing.

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