3.5.15. About the ViewData registers

ViewData and filtering the data trace describes the ViewData trace filtering signal. ViewData filtering uses one event register and three control registers, and the following sections describe these registers:

For an example of using a ETMVDCR, see An example ViewData configuration.


From ETMv3.3, it is implementation defined whether various data tracing options are implemented. Data tracing options, ETMv3.3 and later describes the implementation options. If an implementation does not include any of data address tracing, data value tracing or CPRT tracing, the ViewData registers are not implemented, and the ViewData area of the register map reads as zero.

Enabling ViewData throughout memory

To enable ViewData throughout memory you must:

  • Set bit [16] of register 0x00F, ETMVDCR3, to 1, exclude only.

  • Set all other bits of the ViewData Control Registers, registers 0x00D, 0x00E, and 0x00F to 0.

  • Set bits [6:0] of register 0x00C, ETMVDEVR, to 0x6F, permanently enabled. See Defining events.

For more information see the register descriptions.

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