3.5.20. About the address comparator registers

Two registers are defined for each of the single address comparators. The following sections describe these registers:

You can associate each pair of address comparator registers with a data value comparator. See About the data value comparator registers. If you do this, a match is triggered only when both the address and the data value match.


When a pair of address comparator registers is used to define an address range, the upper ETMACVR must always contain an address that is greater than the lower ETMACVR. Otherwise, the behavior of the Address Range Comparators is unpredictable.

When you configure a comparator for instruction address comparisons, by setting bit [2] of the ETMACTR to 0, you must set the Data Value Comparison field, bits [6:5] of the ETMACTR, to b00. Comparator behavior is unpredictable if you set this field to any other value.

Address comparators describes the use of the address comparator registers.

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