3.5.7. About the TraceEnable registers

The TraceEnable trace filtering signal is described in TraceEnable and filtering the instruction trace. Four registers are used to configure TraceEnable, and these are described in the following sections:

For an example of TraceEnable Control Register encoding, see An example TraceEnable configuration.

Tracing all memory

To trace all memory:

  • set bit [24] in register 0x009, the ETMTECR1, to 1

  • set all other bits in register 0x009, the ETMTECR1, to 0

  • set all bits in register 0x007, the ETMTECR2, to 0

  • set register 0x008, the ETMTEEVR, to 0x6F (TRUE).

This has the effect of excluding nothing, that is, tracing everything. See the register descriptions for more information about this configuration.

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